Specialists - Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Dr. Med. Prof. Borislav Vladimirov - Methodological Head of Orthopedic Ward

Dr. Med. Prof. Borislav Vladimirov

Dr. Med. Prof. Borislav Vladimirov has graduated at the Medical Faculty in Sofia. Introduced numerous modern operational techniques in child orthopedics and traumatology, active functionary in the organization for reduction ofinherent and induced dysplasia of the infants’ hips, develops new operational methods. Participate as an author, co-author and editor...

Dr. Med. Dimitur Iliev - Head of Orthopedic Ward

Dr. Med. Dimitur Iliev

1982- Higher education from Medical University - Varna.
1987- Specialty Orthopedics and Traumatology - MA Sofia.
Professional Employment:
1982-Physician & Orthopedist in MHAT Burgas
2000- Head of Orthopaedic Department of MHAT Burgas
2002- CEO of MHAT Burgas
2004- Orthopedic practice in Medical Center “St. Sofia” Burgas

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