Bloodless (laparoscopic) surgery

Bloodless ( laparoscopic ) surgery methods are increasingly used in medical and surgical cover more diseases. The technique allows for surgery under more favorable conditions than conventional surgical methods using incision and exploration ( opening) of the abdominal cavity.

In laparoscopic surgery using special tools to make three or four holes in the abdomen, 4-5 mm. Through an opening in the belly button is pushed microchamber that transmits an image on a screen. Of it is displayed on the operation object at a larger size. This allows the surgeon to see a very comprehensive and detailed picture quickly but carefully to implement the necessary actions .

The remaining holes are made in the different locations of the abdomen depending on the operand . In them are inserted surgical instruments to do so.

Bloodless laparoscopic operations are performed in the hospital "Virgin Mary" :

  • Cholecystectomy - gallstones
  • adhesions - intra- abdominal adhesions
  • Simple cysts of the liver and spleen
  • Chronic appendicitis

Recovery in these operations is very fast and painless smaller postoperative period due to lack of incision of the abdominal wall.

Average hospital stay was 3 days , then the patient quickly return to your active lifestyle. On the abdomen first traces remain of little operational scarring that over time become almost invisible .

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