Женска консултация

Antenatal consistent monitoring of the pregnancy at the time of retistratsiya the birth and the first 40 days after birth. Tracking consists of a series of examinations, somatic and laboratory tests that are not distributed evenly throughout the period of pregnancy , and their frequency varies depending on the pregnancy progresses and the condition of the mother.

Upon initial registration of pregnancy in University hospital " Mary " is a comprehensive and thorough examination of the woman. It includes ultrasound , measurement of the pelvis , weight and laboratory examinations, which must be included testing of blood glucose and urea . Do not miss the obligatory registration of blood group. If everything is in the normal range and the mother in the first trimester of pregnancy, the patient's next visit is planned after 1 month.


What is the need for antenatal?


Pregnancy is a physiological condition of the woman , but sometimes it occurs with complications that threaten the normal development of the fetus and the mother's health . The role of antenatal early detection of these complications and proper behavior throughout pregnancy. Therefore non-attendance at antenatal 's risk -taking which is something unthinkable for today's time.

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