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For many years, patients with reproductive problems living in Burgas and the region were forced to travel hundreds of miles to use specialized medical services. As we know , that the couple is not only a financial problem but also emotional and social.

Diagnosis of reproductive problems are not limited to consultation with an obstetrician ( sterility in women ) and Andrology, urologist (male sterility ) . In many cases, infertility can be immunological, genetic and hormonal . Therefore Univeristy Hospital " Mary " together with the " Conception" launched a major campaign to provide quality medical services in the field of reproductive health by attracting proven specialists throughout the country.

The initiative will be launched on the great festival of the Annunciation - 25mart opening the cabinet "Reproductive Health " with the visit of Dr. Maria Daskalov . She graduated in medicine in 1989 - Plovdiv . Works in the Department of " Anatomy , Histology and Embryology " at MU - Plovdiv, as assistant professor in the same specialty and Center for Reproductive Health . " In addition to her every month , patients will have the opportunity to make consultation with many of Bulgarian doctors in the field of reproductive medicine, which association " Conception" successfully cooperates in all these years and who support the idea and expressed readiness to work in the service of Burgas patients.

Prevention and diagnosis of reproductive problems is the first and most important step in the fight for the dream child. Very often in the timely detection problems are solved in the initial phase , which prevents the need for complex and costly procedures for in vitro fertilization.

All primary diagnostic studies for which of Burgas couples had to travel long distances looking for quality medical services will be carried out in Univeristy hospital " Virgin Mary."

Simultaneously will enable patients with reproductive problems benefit from free delivery ( regardless of type of delivery ) , with the only condition willing to be registered forum member of conception , not later than 01.01.2012

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