Vascular Surgery Vascular Surgery

Diseases of the blood vessels make up most of the diseases of the cardiovascular system released , which unfortunately are the first place among Bulgarian population morbidity and mortality.

Among the diseases of the arterial system has several specific pathological conditions which affect thousands of patients and in the proper behavior can be diagnosed in time , to avoid the heavy ivalidity or death of the patient.

The most commonly affected arteries of the lower extremities, leading to pain when walking , the development of necrotic changes with the fingers and soles and finally to the development of necrosis and limb amputation inevitable . Development of vascular surgery allows these conditions to be treated successfully, not only with appropriate medications , but with modern operational and bloodless / endovascular / treatments. 

Since the beginning of 2011 in the hospital "Virgin Mary" will open compartment of Vascular Surgery constant vascular surgeons team led by Professor Zachariev

Prof. Todor Zahariev perform examinations twice a month at MC " St. Sofia" , for more information call 056 845 083

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