Gynecology Gynecology

Cabinet works with the health fund

Office Gynecology University Hospital in "Virgin Mary", working around the clock to reviews and advice on urgency.

The main objective of gynecology to find and implement more effective methods for preserving and improving the reproductive health of women, and to disclose and eliminate the causes of their infertility .

From March 1 Dr. Dragneva review with direction and leads antenatal care in University hospital " Virgin Mary."

The first bloodless gynecological operations in Southeast Bulgaria were conducted in the University hospital "Virgin Mary" Burgas.

University Hospital "Virgin Mary" has one of the best modern laparoscopic equipment to perform bloodless operations , production of German concern " Wolf ".

Chief consultant and operator Dr. George Hubchev . Specialized in laparoscopic gynecology, urogynecology , oncogynecology , gynecological endocrinology and 4 D ultrasound - antenatal diagnosis . Member of the European Association of urogynecology .

Ensure that patients quickly after surgery / average of two days recovery and minimal signs of surgery without any incisions.

With the introduction of new equipment Gynaecology Department of the University Hospital "Virgin Mary" Burgas already offers its patients services and practices to which they are currently able to receive mostly in medical centers in Sofia and in Europe.

That new hospital completes the cycle in obstetrics and gynecology, ie maternity and gynecological operations.

The cabinet has 2 D and 4 D ultrasound .
Dr. Hubchev examines in theGynecological cabinet University Hospital "Virgin Mary"It is necessary to keep an appointment in advance , outside emergency situations .

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