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За отделение - Vascular Surgery Department


There you will be welcomed by friendly and highly qualified staff, concerned about your health  condition and your convenience during your stay in the hospital.

In the modern clinic is diagnosed with a clinical examination with new modern equipment, EHO Doppler ultrasound, CT and angiography, etc.

 For ward - Vascular Surgery Clinic

Modern treatment  of vascular diseases  is subject to the competence of vascular surgeons and angiologists.


Since May 1, 2023, the Department of Vascular Surgery has been headed by Prof. E. Goranova PhD.

Admission for treatment of patients with lesions of the arteries of the lower extremities is a golden chance for them not only for the treatment of the particular pathology, but also for the detection of very often concomitant lesions of some other vascular pool - a sign characteristic of atherosclerosis due to its generalized nature / carotid damage to the arteries supplying the brain, coronary / ischemic heart disease / or peripheral arterial localization - lower extremities or aneurysm of the abdominal aorta /.

From the beginning of 2011 to the beginning of 2023 in the  University Hospital "Virgin Mary" worked Department of Vascular Surgery with a permanent vascular surgical team under the guidance of Prof. T. Zahariev, DSc. Both conventional and endovascular methods for the treatment of arterial and venous diseases are successfully applied in the hospital. With permission to carry out medical activity NoMB – 362/08.09.2016 the Department of Vascular Surgery acquires the status of a Vascular Surgery Clinic.

Among the diseases of the arterial system, there are several characteristic pathological conditions that affect thousands of patients and, with proper behavior, can be diagnosed in time to avoid severe disability or death of patients.

Very often in young people develops malignant hypertension that is not amenable to drug treatment, as a result of a narrowing of the renal arteries. In these cases, modern endovascular treatment by bloodless method of the narrowed area of the renal artery can be applied.

Varicose varicose veins are also subject to treatment in the clinic with the most modern surgical and endovascular methods, including the most modern laser apparatus and a system for radiofrequency ablation of veins of different caliber without analogue in Bulgaria. It can also treat dilated capillaries and cosmetic problems mainly in young women. Especially important is the complex treatment of wounds on the limbs of vascular origin.

All modern medicamentous, operative and "bloodless" endovascular methods for the treatment of vascular diseases are applied in the University Hospital "Virgin Mary" - Burgas. 

Visits to the ward - every day from 17:00 to 18:00. According to the internal rules, children are not allowed during visits. One visitor per patient is allowed. In case the same patient has two or more visitors, the latter enter the ward one by one.

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