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За отделение - Medical Imaging

In the medical imaging center we perform the following tests:
• X-rays of the head, body and limbs
• Ultrasound of the abdomen and superficial structures / thyroid, breast /
• CT scans - Scanner

The department has:
• x-ray room
• cabinet CT
• Cabinet for ultrasound

Prevention as a method for early diagnosis

Prevention is the key for being healthy . Unfortunately, in Bulgaria prevention in medicine is still widely advocated in the priorities of the people and they do not pay attention to their health until it's too late. This is because in order to go to a specialist review , you must go through your doctor , and he can issue you a direction for him. Overall this is a very cumbersome procedure , and many people in today's busy society do not have time to deal with such bureaucracy.

As annoying and unnecessary you think it is important to note both your health and the health of your family and friends. Quality review will save you a lot of grief and reject or identify diseases at the very beginning and when can be successfully cured. In politics University Hospital "Virgin Mary" - Burgas widely planted prevention as a method for early diagnosis of various diseases. In this regard, every odd month hold free preventive ultrasound examinations. Pay only a minimal fee for supplies. You can view the following systems: liver and gall bladder , kidney and bladder , thyroid , breast and prostate .

Ultrasound is widely used in the diagnosis of diseases of the abdominal organs , thyroid and mammary glands . Adequate safety and informative value of the method makes it a convenient way to screen , and tracing of the dynamics of a number of pathological processes. Imaging center , where they will conduct a review has a modern X-ray and CT / scanner / . With this apparatus, the detection of lesions of medical check-ups , we can clarify them with great accuracy by further study and you can exit from the compartment with a final diagnosis. CT is an X-ray method for layer imaging of tissues and organs of the human body. Unlike conventional x-ray image obtained in CT is many times better resolution , so using it can be demonstrated pathological processes that are invisible in radiography . Widely used in lungs and bone pathology is HRCT / high-resolution computed tomography / . It is the " gold standard" in the diagnosis of diffuse lung diseases and diseases of the bone structures .

Department of Diagnostic Imaging at the University Hospital "Virgin Mary" works with directions from the Health Insurance Fund.


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