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За отделение - Neoantology

In the Department of Neonatology, a team of 6 doctors and 10 midwives are caring for the newborns.

The department operates 24-hour and has the sector of neonatal and intensive care for children at risk. Neonatology ward applies resuscitation, treatment and follow-up of newborns health condition.

For newborns in
University Hospital "Virgin Mary" were developed following screening programs:

• An ultrasound examination of the hip - ultrasound rejection of innate and induced dysplasia of the hip in infants and orthopedic examination for the baby.
• Trans fontanel ultrasound - a study that is done in large fontanels in infants. This makes it possible to visualize brain abnormalities.

For all newborns we make these first vaccines:

• at 12 hour since a vaccine"Hepatitis B"
• of 48 hours of birth is made of BCG vaccination
• After 72 hours of birth were screened for fenilketonuria and hipotirioidizam.

There are also daily home visits by a midwife after the discharge of the baby. During the visits she helps to successful breastfeeding, demonstrates how to handle the navel, making toilet, bathing, massage and gives practical guidance to the mother and relatives of care to make the baby.

Department of Neonatology is equipped with latest and modern equipment which meets the European and world standards. The intensive care unit has: Apparatus for ventilation / ventilation / newborn of babies highest technology class, room for children with moderate risk and room for children born by cesarean section, 30 baby beds, solitary intense room with 5 incubators for newborns with difficult adaptation or those requiring more intensive care, Pulse Oximeters - monitors monitored on vital functions, resuscitation tables, lamps for phototherapy in babies with jaundice, infusion pumps, milk kitchen.

In the Department of Neonatology we are taking care from the first minutes after birth, reducing the stress of the newborn and help it possible to quickly adapt to new living conditions.

Children with poor adaptation are in an incubator, through which maximum and rapid adaptation of the newborn is performed. Intensive care is applied- parenteral nutrition, blood transfusions, antibiotic therapy when needed.

In the department are growing premature infants and children with low birth weight requiring respiratory resuscitation. For infants with delayed cardiopulmonary adaptation requiring ventilator special care, leakage surfactant and intensive care.

To be near by the babies for the mothers has an internal connection to the sector for growing babies.

In the neonatology ward are built facilities which are designed for moms who received their first knowledge of hygiene and baby nursing techniques.

The fact is that Virgin Mary
University Hospital is the preferred hospital of women had difficult pregnancy or those who become pregnant through in vitro procedures. In the presence of the Department of Pathological pregnancy, number of children at risk is not so small.

To make a newborn fits in his hands,into a small, sturdy man, you need much more than luck. Everything in medicine is fruit of the knowledge, practice and good equipment. Because medical training is just as important for the newborn as the well equipped incubator.

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