Gynaecology and Pathological Pregnancy Gynaecology and Pathological Pregnancy

За отделение - Gynaecology and Pathological Pregnancy

University Hospital "Virgin Mary" has one of the best modern laparoscopic equipment to perform bloodless operations , production of German concern " Wolfo ."

Chief consultant and operator is Dr. George Hubchev . He specialized in laparoscopic gynecology, urogynecology , oncogynecology , gynecological endocrinology and 4 D ultrasound - antenatal diagnosis . Member of the European Association of urogynecology .
Guarantee patients quickly after surgery / average of two days recovery and minimal traces of surgery without any incisions .

In the
University Hospital "Virgin Mary" we perform the following bloodless operations :

  • Surgical treatment of myomas
  • Surgical treatment of cysts
  • ectopic pregnancy
  • infertility
  • sterilization fallopian tubes
  • polycystic ovary
  • diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain syndrome
  • endometriosis

In laparoscopic surgery are used special tools to make three or four holes in the abdomen, 4-5 mm. Through an opening in the belly button is pushed eyepiece through which the image enters the display screen. It shows the operation in the area of ??increased size. This allows the surgeon to see a very comprehensive and detailed picture quickly but carefully to implement the necessary actions .

The remaining holes are made in the lower abdomen . During these surgical instruments are inserted .
Recovery in these operations is very fast and postoperative period is painless due to lack of incision of the abdominal wall.
Hospital stay is 3 days, then operated quickly return to your active lifestyle.
On the abdomen first traces remain of small holes which over time become invisible.
Dr. George Hubchev a consultant and a leading provider review or consultation is required prior to an appointment by phone 056 89 62 62 - reception