Materinity Ward Materinity Ward

За отделение - Materinity Ward

Virgin Mary University Hospital opened the autumn of 2009 . Gynecological department is one of the first that started the hospital. For more than 3 years it had become a favorite place of birth and treatment due to the experienced staff , good hospital services , modern equipment , and last but not least , humane treatment and care for the patient.

As part of modern medicine in the department is widely used laparoscopic gynecology, urogynecology , oncogynecology , gynecological endocrinology and 4 D ultrasound - antenatal diagnosis. Тhe full range of activities in every aspect of obstetrics from normal birth to high- risk birth and monitoring of abnormal pregnancy are performed.

The maternity ward has 4 beds prenatal center, 2 delivery rooms for normal birth and 2 operating theaters . Inpatient facility is equipped with 32 beds, rooms have fetal monitors, panic button, bathroom, TV , internet. Between maternity and neonatal unit is built internal connection with the sector for newborn care . For greater certainty neonatal access is limited, as for the convenience of nearby lobby has a glass wall through which the parents can monitor their baby .